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  • aunticcp

    The Chinese Communist Party's main concerns today are not pollution, world peace or global warming or granting its people any human rights whatsoever, its only concerns is the total control of its already brainwashed people and to eliminate the tens of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners by the use of torture, organ harvesting and murder. China is terrified that this peaceful practice is threatening its existence and spends billions of dollars on this attempted genocide and trying to hide it. The World's media and the U.N. ignore these atrocities because of corporate greed.

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    You have to love how they make Trump's little joke about lifetime President into something bad. If you listen to it for even a second, it was obviously a joke. But no worries, those with TDS will either say just because it's a joke doesn't mean he's serious, or try and bring up something about how people treat Mr. Obama. I get that Trump isn't a great President, but the constant distortions and silliness gets old. All it does is really show press bias. Just as silly as all the birther crud when Mr. Obama was President.

  • Believer

    The Russian mole donald seems to be playing two games as a crook encouraging China to overlook human rights by pumping Xi ego as being a great leader while hurting America with his distructive tarrif policy & trade war by pushing his fake interest in making America great. IN his leadership the America enemy giants have risen from the ashes. UK is taking the brunt of attacks from russia. First it starts with former russians that exiled then it's UK citizens target by russia made poison. The DONALD said only criminal deported but started with immigrants that had no criminal records. Lies after lies is the real poison by donald & putin.

  • Publius2k

    "If anything, Trump has been supportive of Xi's expansion of power."

    It's typical that anti-Trump Pennington would have to put in a snipe. It was clearly a joke, as even he had to concede by noting it was a quip (i.e., "a witty remark").

  • bibleexpert

    The White House isn't criticizing China for removing term limits on its presidency, a sign of how Trump wishes he could remove term limits for the U.S. presidency.

  • Pondering It

    Seems like a sensible approach to this issue. Who are we to tell China or any other country what their term limits should be?