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  • Frank Goudy

    Two really bad candidates but the Democrat will win as Illinois is a Democratic state. It used to be swing state but since 1980 the White population has declined by over 1,000,000 and minorities and immigrants (both legal and illegal) from 3rd world countries have increased by over 1,400,000.
    Each election brings ever more Democratic party strength as a result.

  • Moonshine Creek

    Wow, for a job that pays $150,000.00/year? These candidates are narcissistic fruitloops. Think of what could've been done with the money used for campaigning if, instead, it was spent on education, social programs or even paying down the state's debt. I have never had a problem with candidates hustling and raising funds for their campaign expenditures, but when you're investing 50 and 70 million dollars, respectively, tell me how "regular" folks can participate? Our country is moving ever so closer to electing nothing but plutocrats. Plutocracy means power derived from wealth!

  • John Michael Davis

    Just because someone is wealthy is no reason to vote for them, they can't make you rich too.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    I live in IL and don't like either one of them. Like Biss said -- Billionaire vs. Billionaire. I normally vote Democrat but crossed over and voted for Ives because I want Rauner "do nothing" out. I think I'll sit the election in November out. In the meantime I will be bombarded with literature and phone calls.

  • Verity Pendelton

    It's a shame that not one of the ads FROM ANY OF THE CANDIDATES tell the people of Illinois how they will be helped. Just pouring money into slander.

  • paperloader

    People in Illinois must be dumb as a box of rocks for voting for that crook Pritzker. I wouldn't vote for a Republican for governor either. A write in is the only good choice in this case.

  • Realpshep

    We're due another corrupt governor so what's the difference? We get one every 12 years or so

  • Lawrence Roth

    Anyone but Trump or anyone but Republicans. The Republicans are in total power and nothing gets done! You know how to vote this November.