2017 Perseid meteor shower to peak this weekend in Korea

2017 Perseid meteor shower to peak this weekend in Korea
한여름밤 수놓을 별똥별, 주말 페르세우스 유성우

  There could be quite a show in the night sky this weekend for those who want to spend a summer evening outside.
The annual Perseid meteor show is expected to peak in the next couple of days.
Park Ji-won has more.  
  Brace yourself for one of the most magnificent celestial events of the year.
The Perseid meteor shower,... named after the constellation Perseus,... where the meteors appear to come from,... occurs every August, and this weekend is going to be the best time to watch it. 
People can see the Perseid meteor shower,... as the Earth passes through the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle every August as the comet orbits the Sun.
When the comet tail's dust and tiny particles enter the Earth's atmosphere,... they make a brilliant flash of light.
The meteors travel at an average speed of 59 kilometers per second,... 
  The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute says,... up to one hundred meteors per hour can be observed from this Saturday night to early Sunday morning,... with the shower peaking at around three a.m. Sunday.
Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere like Korea,... or in the Southern Hemisphere,... scientists advise the best time to watch the greatest number of meteors is a few hours before dawn.
  So, why don't you visit the nation's wide open countryside,... and enjoy the spectacular scene of hundreds of shooting stars,.... and maybe even make a wish upon them?
The next meteor shower,... the Geminid meteor shower,... is expected in mid-December.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News. 

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