telugu best jokes/fun and enjoy try to laugh

telugu best jokes/fun and enjoy try to laugh
The Telugu people or Telugu Prajalu are a Dravidian linguistic group. The majority of Telugus reside in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Telugu language is the most-spoken Dravidian language, the third-most spoken language in India[3] and the fourth most in the Indian subcontinent, following Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi.many available telugu videos in internet and youtube for example ;this video about jokes telugu jokes(comedy jokes, telugu cinema jokes,telugu funny jokes,andhra comedy, telangana comedy, tollywood comedy, jokes with laugh,telugu mimicry, telugu chitkalu, latest telugu jokes 2016,jokes are performed in burrakatha song ,stage shows, and telugu cinemas,telugu video jokes,jokes images ,jokes cartoons,jokes apk,telugu burrakatha jokes,jokulu in telugu, tv jokes, village jokes, tv programmer joke ,jabardast jokes, telugu movie jokes,

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